Why Choose Carpet Studio?

The Carpet Studio is a service provider for many manufacturers that send materials directly to city, county, and state government on the State of Florida Contract Systems. We do installation of all flooring materials for city and county offices, schools, universities, colleges, and state offices all over Florida.

The Carpet Studio is a service provider for several manufacturers that "sell" all types of flooring materials to government entities. We work with government agencies to specify the product that would suit their needs, whether broadloom carpets, carpet tiles, VCT, or ceramic tile. After selections are made, we manage the project from beginning to end. Our installation teams are flexible to work nights and weekends if required. Our coverage area is all over the southeast. In recent months, concerns over recycling greens has become a major topic, and we can provide information and products. Please contact our commercial staff for more information and assistance.

In the medical health care market segment, The Carpet Studio works with architects, contractors, and end users to specify what type of floors would be best suited for a particular facility. Because of our thorough knowledge of materials and applications, we can bid on any job. Let our many years of experience and reliability assist you with your next project. Please contact our staff for more information.

At The Carpet Studio, our residential staff recognizes the challenges homeowners and builders face when it comes to interior selection. Our interior decorators can assist you in choosing the right colors and products for your new home, while keeping within your budgets. Remodel projects can require more expertise and our years of experience make for a smoother project.